• January 29
    • DoT raises the PSTN to Mobile tariff in Telecom circles from Rs. 1.40 to a maximum of Rs. 32.20 for a 3 minute call.
    • February 14
    • Wireless Planning Commission interprets GSM & Microwave royalty and license fee charges as charges to be paid by cellular networks on a city-wise basis.
    • March 25
    • Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) is set up.
    • March 26
    • COAI approaches TRAI against the January 29, 1997 PSTN to Mobile Tariff Order of DoT.
    • April 25
    • TRAI quashes DoT's PSTN to Mobile Tariff Order and directs DoT to provide two-way connectivity to cellular operators. DoT agrees to provide multiple interconnect points between their networks and that of Circle Cellular operators. It also agreed to open up its TAX to cellular traffic and to scale down the minimum number of interconnect links from two to one.
    • August 27
    • Government announces waiver of an annual Royalty charge of Rs. 1200 per cellular subscriber with prospective effect. Order issued on November 4, 1997.
    • September 12
    • DoT gives clearance for national automatic roaming for cellular operators in Delhi, Bombay, Calcutta and Madras.
    • October 10
    • MTNL indicates intention to enter into cellular services in Delhi and Mumbai through its GDR Prospectus.
    • November 3
    • MTNL announces its plans to launch cellular mobile telephone services in Delhi and Bombay. COAI shoots off submission to TRAI seeking their intervention in the matter.
    • November 19
    • Cellular operators permitted to make their licenses assignable in favour of the lenders. Independent study by ICICI commissioned by the Government to examine operational performance of the cellular industry and give its assessment for specific relaxations in licence conditions.