Position : Director (Telecom Infrastructure Committee Team)

Qualification & Experience :- Post Graduate in Technology and /or Management 10-15 yrs experience of working with Government Dept. / Corporate entities in Telecom sector

Location : Delhi

Reporting to: Director General (DG)

Reportees : Telecom Infrastructure team members

1) Job Purpose:

  1. To lead, guide and represent COAI member’s interests with external stakeholders such as central/ state government’s policy makers in different ministries, municipal corporations, self-governing institutions, public institutions, academic institutions and DoT-LSA offices in all states with respect to telecom infrastructure issues.
  2. To maintain a close coordination with 17 Circle Coordination Committees, which has Business Heads & CTOs of all TSP/IP1 of the telecom circle as its members, to resolve common Industry challenges with state authorities.
  3. To work towards development of telecom infrastructure ecosystem for easy adoption of upcoming technologies like 4G/5G etc.
  4. To guide and support the Telecom Infrastructure Committee (TIC) in discharge of its Terms of Reference.
  5. To work jointly with other Teams in COAI for common aspects/ issues of COAI.


  1. Thorough knowledge of the Government structures at the central, state and local levels and how they operate;
  2. Relevant and strong relationships with key policy makers, senior government officials (in areas of telecom infrastructure and related legislative interest to the COAI).
  3. Strong leadership, and ability to work successfully in a team based setting; Maintains an open flow of two-way communication, exhibiting verbal, written and presentation skills, stating expectations clearly.
  4. Ability to take decisions without expecting guidance at all times
  5. Ability to comfortably and confidently deal with Government Officials at both in Central and State Authorities.
  6. Ability to understand the implications of political and bureaucratic decisions both at Central and State Level as related to telecom sector and telecom infrastructure in particular.
  7. Ability to deliberate on concurrent technologies, international issues and their cross-implications in other sectors (eg. EMF Exposure).
  8. Clear understanding of services, operations, and general functioning and Telecom and Digital communications sector.
  9. Excellent interpersonal skills with the ability to interface with multiple teams.
  10. Ability to multitask and function well in a fast-paced, demanding and ambiguous environment.


  1. Telecom Infrastructure Committee
    • Telecom Infrastructure Committee: Provide secretarial support to the Committee to ensure its smooth and efficient functioning.
    • Telecom Infrastructure Policy: Engage officials of the Central Government, the 29 states and 7 union territories for the alignment of their existing telecom infrastructure policy with centrally Gazetted RoW Rules, 2016.
    • Engage officials at state and local bodies for implementation of State Telecom Infrastructure Policy. Align existing Municipal Rules, Policies, Panchayat Raj Bye-laws, etc. with the state telecom infrastructure policy.
  2. Circle Coordination Committee Management
    • Coordination of Circle teams of the member companies to facilitate smooth implementation of state infrastructure policies.
    • Government Relations and State Infrastructure Policy Advocacy with the officials of the state government, local bodies and self-governing organizations.
    • Represent COAI at State Broadband Committee meetings. Monitor the outcomes of District Broadband Committee meetings.
  3. EMF Awareness
    • Engage DoT ( LSAs) and TRAI on Advocacy content development and communication pack, Media and Mass support, making national and international experts available, WHO India page review and suggestion(s) to change.
    • Study of DoT’s Policies as related to EMF exposure, its compliance systems and related development implications on EMF exposure from time to time, and preparation of action plan for mitigating public concerns.
    • Engagement with the Medical fraternity and developing pool of expert doctors for advocacy activities.
    • Tarang Sanchar Portal: Best possible utilization for advocacy. Provide content from the advocacy events for updating in the Learn and DoT initiatives sections.
    • Engagement and coordination with Indian Government Departments at the central level, state level & local self-governing bodies – DST, Ministry of Health, Environment Ministry.
    • Active engagement with Scientific & Research Community for messaging implications, facilitating peer reviews and Global experts availability for quality studies.
    • Interaction with other trade bodies / associations for coordination on above issues.

Interested candidates may send their resume on contact@coai.in before 02 March 2021