Fraud Alert!

Fraudsters share a QR code to be scanned to receive money in their account. 
Do not scan QR codes shared by anyone unless the objective is to pay. Stay alert. Stay safe.

#Cybercrime #KYCFraud #OnlineFraud #KYCScam
The illegal use of signal booster devices leads to the degradation of telecom services instead of solving signal issues.
Refrain from buying illegal wireless equipment.

#Towerfraud #SayNoToIllegalBoosters #SignalBoosters #Network
The telecom and broadband sector has empowered individuals to do new things. India has initiated best global practices through a combination of smartphones, the internet, banks, and KYC into the ninja tool ie. mobile devices: @VTiwathia Deputy Director General, COAI
As the world now emerges from the pandemic, connectivity will be crucial to help economic recovery and also to become more resilient by enhancing productivity efficiently and utilizing services like 5G and IoT : Rahul Vatts, Chief Regulatory Officer, @airtelindia />...
#ORAN is the right technology that majority of us think is right to adopt, as it is the most efficient & helps the end consumer in an intelligent manner." @hlgupta_1, President - Network and Service Operations, @reliancejio />#5GIndia2021
“We welcome the amendment in License Conditions further enhancing sharing of active #infrastructure between TSPs. It was a long-pending ask. At present, active #infrastructure sharing was allowed to TSPs only for antenna, feeder cable, Node B and transmission systems." @DoT_India
To embrace the #5G infrastructure, adoption of a very robust governance mechanism, supply chain, change in the management process & use of encryption standards along with deploying a zero-trust architecture is required: Manish Tiwari, Sr. VP & CISO, @airtelindia />#5gindia2021 ...
The #5G forum report pointed out that India will be gaining $1 trillion with the eruption of 5G and digitalization giving various recommendations in close partnerships with industries: Shri A k Tiwari, Member - Technology, DCC, @DoT_India, Ministry of communications

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