Our priority for FY2021-22 is to support the demand-side of the ecosystem by increasing awareness of how #5G is relevant to industries including non-telecom sectors & the upcoming opportunities through this communication network: @Bob_CWUK5G, Head of @UK_5G Innovation Network https://t.co/yyHrxsxQhe
India’s #5G infrastructure densification is expected to exceed 1000 base stations per sq. km and the optical fiber cable market is projected to reach $2.1 billion by 2021: Lt. Gen. S P Kochhar, @DGCOAI at India-UK Future Telecom Programme High-Density ...
The @DoT_India has announced strict laws against the use, selling and possession of #mobilesignal repeaters as the proliferation of such illegal equipment is rampant across the country.

#Towerfraud #SayNoToIllegalBoosters #SignalBoosters #Network https://t.co/eUBVA8nak4
All studies by @WHO have concluded that the #MobileTower radiations are completely safe and do not pose any risk to human health. We thank @Dot_India for taking the initiative to spread awareness around the country to eliminate myths around #EMFRadition ...
5G will be an evolutionary enabler for #SmartHomes />
With the ability to provide a low-power wide-area
#Network, #5G is ideal for running smart home products that require constant and reliable connectivity.

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We welcome the approval of Rs 6466 crore package by the Govt, aimed to bring 7,287 uncovered villages of 44 aspirational districts across 5 states under 4G services. This will surely help in overcoming the #Digital divide & bring remote ...
We welcome the decision by Hon PM Sh @narendramodi and the Union cabinet on the USOF scheme for #Mobile services in uncovered villages of aspirational districts. This scheme will bring a robust boost in the #Telecom industry and fulfill the ...
Did you know?
There is no scientific or medical evidence available to establish any injurious effects from #mobiletowers, which emit exceedingly low-powered non-ionising radiations

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@DoT_India @TRAI @GoI_MeitY @VodaIdea_NEWS @airtelindia @relianceji https://t.co/JB4fIByN8X
COAI had a robust discussion with @TRAI on the deployment of small cells in India for the effective working of #5GTechnology using street furniture. The discussion was led by Dr. PD Vaghela, Chairman, TRAI

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