COAI is one of the most credible and reputed Industry bodies, solely dedicated towards advancement of mobile communication, thereby partnering with the leading technology providers / service providers to protect, promote and upgrade mobile communications in India.

In our endeavour towards advancement of mobile communications and synchronisation of allied interest, we recognise the need partnering with the

  • Technology partners
  • Infrastructure Providers
  • VAS and Solution Providers
  • Organisations working towards development and promotion of Cellular Mobile Telephony in India


COAI is committed towards a mutually beneficial relationship through offering a common platform and a credible forum for discussion and exchange of ideas between Cellular Mobile Service Providers, the Govt., Policy Makers, Regulators, Technologists, Security Agencies, Radio Spectrum managers, Academicians, various Chambers of Commerce etc. who share a common interest in the development of mobile communications in the country.

A company or other legal entity shall be eligible to apply for becoming a Core Member of the Association if :

  • It holds a valid License from Government of India for the provisioning of Cellular Mobile Telephone Services or
  • It has a Letter of Intent to start the provision of cellular mobile telephone services provided that such person obtains the license within twelve months of obtaining such Letter of Intent.


An association, company or any other legal entity shall be eligible to become an Associate Member of the Association if it supports the functioning, promotion, research, development and evolution of Digital Communications Services. These would include inter alia, COAI RULES & REGULATIONS Cellular Operators Association of India 6 but not be limited to the value-added service providers/content providers and manufacturers/suppliers of:

  • Core telecom equipment and chipset components
  • Communications Devices, Mobile Handsets, Data Dongles, Wi-Fi, Health Wearables etc.
  • Telecommunication networking equipment, software and services.
  • Infrastructure equipment, System simulators, SIM cards.
  • Security systems- smart cards, authentication centres, equipment identity registers, fraud detection systems and analysis tools.
  • Billing and accounting systems
  • Data Centres and Data hosting services.
  • Social Media and E-Commerce services
  • Financial clearing house services and financial services on mobiles
  • Signalling clearing house services.
  • Brokers of roaming facilitation services.
  • Software development for the telecom industry, etc