Industry Charter for Protecting Consumer Interests

The purpose of this Charter is to transparently share our values and the standards we have set ourselves to guide us in efficient and effective service delivery and further enhance customer satisfaction.

Through this Charter we intend to recognize and uphold consumer rights, provide continuous improvement of our quality standards in order to simplify, strengthen and ensure more transparency in our relationship with our customers, working constantly to improve quality with respect to customer expectations and requirements in accordance with the regulations, directions and orders issued by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) from time to time.

The Charter is an attempt to broadly pinpoint our key areas of commitment to consumers, improve our levels of interaction with subscribers and simplify and strengthen the essence of transparency in our relationship with consumers. We want to highlight and emphasize that we are working constantly to improve our standards and match up to the best that we can deliver and also at the same time to meet the enhanced levels of customer expectations and needs in accordance with the regulations, directions and orders issued by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India from time to time in a transparent manner.

We, providers of the telecommunication services, recognize the following rights of our consumers in accordance with the regulations, directions and orders issued by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India from time to

  • Right to disclosure: The consumer is entitled to be informed, in advance of purchase, the details of the terms and conditions of the provision of telecommunication services, which includes the tariff network coverage and availability of services and other relevant information.
  • Right to choice: The consumer has the right to choose the service provider (from the available TSPs in his service area). The consumer has the right to select the service(s) (from the available services on offer) and has the right to select a Tariff plan on offer
  • Right to privacy: The consumer has the right to privacy and protection against unauthorized use of their personal information subject to Law, License conditions, directions of Department of Telecommunications or TRAI or subject to directives of Law Enforcement Agencies.
  • Right to accurate bills and charges: The consumer has the right to accurate and transparent billing and charging with separate details of charges for each item of services availed as provided by TSPs.
  • Right to complaint redressal: The consumer has the right to represent against his/her bill. Service providers commit to resolve all billing complaints expeditiously and to issue bill correctly. The consumer has the right to be heard and an expeditious redressal of his/her complaint and grievances, along with resolution of his/her billing complaint with refund, if due.
  • Right to quality and reliable services: The consumer has the right to quality and reliable services in accordance with the QoS standards prescribed by TRAI
  • Right to be informed: The consumer has the right to be informed about his/her rights and duties, correct usage of the product and services and consequences of wrongful usage or misuse through various means like Application Form, Service Provider’s website etc.
  • Right against unfair trade practices: The consumer has the right to be protected from unfair trade practices, including false and misleading advertising and anticompetitive behavior.

We recognize the above rights of the consumers and pledge to uphold them. We shall constantly endeavour to protect the interests of consumers and we bind ourselves to the following charter within the framework of regulations/directions/orders issued by TRAI from time to time:-

  • We shall ensure that all necessary information required by a customer for making an informed choice about the type and nature of services required by him, including availability and network coverage, is clearly conveyed to him in English or Hindi or other regional language before he subscribes to a particular service/Plan/Pack. The details regarding geographic coverage, i.e. districts/ cities/ towns covered, will be regularly updated on the website of the service provider.
  • On enrollment as a subscriber, he/she shall be provided with a start-up kit as mandated under Telecom Consumers Protection Regulations, 2012.
  • We shall ensure that the bills are simple and easy to understand and contain all relevant information
  • With a view to keep the prepaid customers update about their usage and balance, we shall ensure that information on details of usage and balance be made available after every call, SMS and usage either through a communication or by dialing a short code.
  • We are committed to ensure that any complaint or grievance of a consumer will be attended expeditiously within the applicable time limit prescribed by TRAI.
  • We shall ensure that each complaint to the complaint centre shall be acknowledged by a unique reference number/docket number which shall be communicated when a complaint is booked by a subscriber, for his future reference.
  • We are committed to ensure quality of service standards mandated by the regulations issued by TRAI.
  • We are committed to inform the customers of any change to the terms and conditions of service within a fair and reasonable period from time to time.
  • Tariff being an important concern to the consumers, we shall ensure that all details pertaining to a chosen tariff plan or vouchers are made available to the subscriber transparently and accurately, including restrictions, if any, in English or Hindi or other regional languages.
  • We are committed to publish tariff plans offered to the subscribers and make them available in the prescribed formats at the customer care centers, points of sale / retail outlets as well as at our website.
  • We are committed that our arrangements with the outsourced agencies for collection of dues comply with the laws of country and guidelines issued by TRAI and Department and Telecommunications, from time to time.
  • We are open to suggestions and proposals from the subscribers and commit ourselves to constantly improve upon our processes and systems.
  • We shall regularly meet our consumers to understand their concerns and to update and educate them about the latest initiatives taken by TRAI and the industry to protect their interests and provide better services
  • We shall ensure that services are provided without discrimination between subscribers of the same class and shall continuously strive to improve customer service delivery.
  • We are committed to smoothly facilitate MNP, if the customer desires to choose another network.

Though this Charter is non-justiceable, courtesy and respect are the hallmarks of any durable relationship between us and the consumers and we agree to abide by this principle and make ourselves available to meet all customer needs and requirements on best efforts basis.