Subscriber Verification Process for Foreigners

When a foreigner approaches Point of Sale (POS) to apply for a mobile service (he can choose the telecom operators from the available choices), he should be ready with the following documents:

  • A Passport size colour photograph (it should not be scanned photo and it should be clearly visible and identifiable)
  • For Proof of Identity (POI), a photocopy of passport with valid visa stamp
  • For Proof of Address (POA), the address of local reference, which may also be of tour operator, shall be provided. In case of no local reference, the address of stay (hotel, etc.) is to be indicated. Copy of POA of the local reference is not required.

An Application form provided by the POS is to be duly filled by the applicant. A sample copy of the CAF can be seen at

The photograph is pasted in the space provided and signed across on both the photograph and Application form by the applicant

Original passport with valid visa stamp should be shown to the POS for verification

Regarding the validity of the connection, it must be noted that

  • Any mobile connection issued to a Foreigner (other than foreign tourist) should not have validity beyond the validity of the Visa
  • In case of foreign tourist the validity of connection should not be beyond the Visa period and also not exceeding 3 months at a time even if the validity of the Visa is beyond 3 months
  • The connection issued to the personnel deployed on ships while at sea shore, shall have validity only till the date they have the permit to stay at the port

Once the application form is completed and verification of documents is completed by the POS, the applicant will be provided a counterfoil/ receipt of the details of the PoI & PoA clearly mentioning the name of subscriber, Mobile number applied for, CAF number, type of PoI/ PoA, issuing authority, date of issue and serial number of PoI/ PoA document duly signed with stamp of POS

POS will then issue the SIM Card to the applicant. However, the applicant will not be able to make/receive any type of call (voice/ non-voice), except to the telecom operator for tele-verification

The POS will indicate the time (ranging from 4 hours to 2 days) after which the applicant will have to make a call at a specified number (of the telecom operator) for tele-verification

During the tele-verification, the applicant will be asked to verify the details a given in the 
counterfoil provided to him/ her by the POS

In case of positive tele-verification, the service activation of SIM will happen. Now the applicant can make/receive any type of call (voice/ non-voice)