The current policy document on spectrum viz. the National Frequency Allocation Plan (NFAP)-2008 was made effective from 1 April 2009. The fast emergence of new wireless technologies and applications necessitated the review of NFAP-2008. Accordingly, the review/ revision of NFAP has been undertaken which is also in line with the National Telecom Policy, 1999.

NFAP-2011 has been developed with special emphasis to encourage/ promote Indigenous manufacturing/ technologies by provisioning of small chunk of the spectrum in certain frequency band/ sub-bands in limited geographical area.

The committee constituted by the Government in its report on “Measures for enhancing indigenous manufacturing in R&D in Telecom – Spectrum requirement, considering GSM being the dominant technology as recommended to reserve” has recommended that suitable provisions in NFAP for encouragement of indigenous technologies/ manufacturing may be made.

Further, NFAP-2011 has made certain provisions for new technologies/ applications like ultra wideband devices, short range low power devices, intelligent transport system, E Band, etc.

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The National Frequency Allocation Plan- 2018 is envisaged as a tool of innovation, R&D and investment in the country enabling the Indian Communications Industry to develop an harness new technologies for all round development.

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